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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flute for beginners?

Both a beginner and student model flute will most likely be made out of a nickel and silver alloy which it is far more durable than silver alone. The most popular plating for a flute is silver because of its brilliance, while nickel-plated flutes are a more affordable option.

Who makes the best flute?

yamaha would be the best student flute. and sankyo has released a new line. The 201 is 2500 and comes with pointed arms. All of their models have optional slip E. If you don`t believe me go to to see for yourself. Even though that really is a necissary thing for flute players.

Is the flute an easy instrument to play?

The flute is a relatively easy woodwind instrument to learn, so your child can start learning the flute reasonably young. The flute is a musical instrument from the woodwind family. Unlike other woodwind instruments, a flute produces its sound from the flow of air against an edge, instead of using a reed.

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