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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference betveen fluoxetine and fluvoxamine?

There were differences in the side-effect profiles, with fluvoxamine being associated with less nausea than fluoxetine. In summary, fluvoxamine and fluoxetine were equally effective in reducing depressive symptoms, but the two drugs displayed slightly different side-effect profiles.

Is fluoxetine addictive?

No. Fluoxetine is not addictive or habit forming. If one stops taking it too soon, symptoms of depression and anxiety may recur. This is not a drug effect -- it is the remnants of the underlying anxiety or depression that was covered by the drug effect. No. Not addictive. No. It has not been found to be addictive, .

How long does Prozac stay in your system?

The half life of this medication is as long as three days. It will be out of your system in 15 days depending on individual factors related to the patient. Ask your prescriber.

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