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Frequently Asked Questions

How many discount codes & deals are there for fluentpet?

Read our Privacy Policy | Unsubscribe THE PETLAB CO. Likely To Work? We have found 3 total discount codes & deals for FluentPet . See below for a complete record of all coupon codes.

How does fluentpet make learning easier?

With FluentPet's compact buttons firmly seated in a hexagonal tile grid, word locations are easier to learn and remember. As your learner's button vocabulary expands, adding buttons is as easy as sliding in another hexagonal tile. Organize Words by Category to Help Them Learn

What are the fluentpet tiles?

The FluentPet tiles helped us organize Casper’s words into a more user friendly configuration. As a result, he uses more words, more often and puts them together in such a way that we understand what he is trying to communicate.

How many hextiles are in a fluentpet soundboard?

Compact design (fit more buttons into a smaller space!) Shipping calculated at checkout. With twelve FluentPet Sound Buttons and six HexTiles, this kit lets you create a soundboard with all six current HexTile categories in the FluentPet System—a great way to start your learner’s journey.

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