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Frequently Asked Questions

Does att have wireless internet?

Wireless Internet uses the AT&T mobile network. You can connect up to 20 enabled devices, like tablets, smartphones, and laptops, to your Wireless Internet device. Looking for more info? Have questions about your Wireless service?

What is att basic internet?

The Internet Basic plan is perfect for people who have a couple of Internet-enabled devices, like a laptop or smartphone, connected simultaneously. Now you can access Internet from any room in your home with the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway and experience 99 percent network reliability.*

Is AT&T Fiber good?

AT&T's fiber internet offers a great connection at a terrific value. However, most customers within AT&T's service area aren't living in homes wired for fiber. Instead, AT&T connects those customers using fixed wireless or a DSL hybrid service.

What are the best rural internet providers?

OliveIP: This is my top recommendation if your only other option is satellite, dial-up, or DSL. ...WacoWiFi: If you live in Waco or rural areas nearby, WacoWiFi is a great option assuming NextLink is not available for you.NextLink: My top recommendation if you are not in Heritage Broadband’s service area. ...More items...

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