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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fitness gear?

Fitness gear has come a long way since spandex and stationary bikes. From functional apparel that kills stink to cutting-edge fitness equipment that will transform your body, we tested the latest and greatest workout products. Keep reading to check out the 12 items that rose above the rest.

What are Olympic weight plates?

Weight Plates. There are two main categories of weight plates - Olympic style and Regular/Standard style. Olympic plates have 2 inch diameter holes and are intended to be used with Olympic bars that are designed to accept plates with 2 inch diameter holes. Regular, or standard plates, have 1 inch diameter holes and are intended to be used...

How much does an Olympic bar weigh?

Olympic men’s bars are 7.2 feet long and weigh 44lbs. These are standardized in both height and length to preserve the integrity of the competition. At the highest level of competition, every milligram counts, so it has to be equal for all.

What is an Olympic weight set?

The official regulated requirement set for by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), which is the governing body for weightlifting, breaks down a weight set to two parts. The seven foot long Olympic bar that is 45 pounds (20 kg) for men or 15kg for women both with a two inch sleeves.

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