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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find my state's FIPS code?

You can find FIPS Codes by starting with a ZIP Code, city or address. Using an address is the most reliable way to get precise FIPS Codes. Because ZIP Codes and cities cover large areas, a ZIP Code or city lookup may yield several FIPS Codes.

What is the purpose of FIPS State Codes?

FIPS codes are the numbers used to identify geographic regions like countries, states and counties. The use of FIPS codes facilitate interoperability across government agencies, contractors, and technical communities. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) manages Federal Information Processing Series (FIPS) Codes .

What is the difference between a state FIPS code and a county FIPS code?

County FIPS Codes on the other hand are a five-digit number used to designate a specific county. A county will always be assigned a single FIPS code but the county may contain dozens of ZIP Codes. The FIPS Code for Orange County, California is 06059. That is the one and only FIPS Code the county has.

What is the Federal Information Processing Standard state code?

FIPS state codes were numeric and two-letter alphabetic codes defined in U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard Publication ("FIPS PUB") 5-2 to identify U.S. states and certain other associated areas. The standard superseded FIPS PUB 5-1 on May 28, 1987, and was superseded on September 2, 2008 by ANSI standard INCITS 38:200x.

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