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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FiOS better than Comcast?

From a technical standpoint, Verizon’s FiOS service is more advanced. Fiber optic technology has an inherently higher capacity, and most homes will likely eventually use it. FiOS picture quality is better than Comcast’s, and the Verizon plan costs less and comes with more channels.

How do I setup my FiOS email?

Click on "Mail" to begin the setup of your Verizon email account. Double-click on the option leading to your email account. (On most versions of Outlook Express, there will be a "My Accounts" tab, or a similarly-named option in the "Mail" menu.) Locate and click on the "Servers" tab. Find the box labelled "SMTP.".

Is Verizon still expanding the FiOS network?

Four years after Verizon Communications decided to stop expanding its FiOS TV service to new markets, the telecommunications company still isn't showing any interest in expanding its fiber-optic...

Why is FiOS down?

If you are streaming several videos simultaneously, for example, it could cause your connection to slow down. Electronic devices ( ie TVs or microwaves) or physical obstructions (ie walls or floors) could cause interference with your router’s signal. Move your modem or wireless networking router away from these obstructions.

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