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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is Find my iPhone?

The accuracy of Find my iPhone will depend on a number of factors including interference, the GPS signal and whether Wifi is turned on. The size of the green circle around your phone’s location will give you an indication as to how accurate that information is.

What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

Contact your carrier. As soon as you are able, contact your cellular provider and report the phone stolen. By doing this, the carrier can block the device from being used on any other network and prevent any unwanted charges. From T-Mobile: If your device was recently lost or stolen, we’re here to help.

How do you find your iPhone on your computer?

To use Find My iPhone from a computer, go to and log in with your Apple ID and password. All of your devices will appear on a map. Tap All Devices at the top of the screen to view a list of all the devices that have Find My iPhone turned on and are linked to your Apple ID.

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