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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set a grave marker?

Excavate an area the size of the grave marker allowing an extra inch of room on each side. The hole should be as deep as the thickness of the grave marker. The intent is place the top of the marker at ground level to allow mowers to pass over the marker. Place the marker in the hole.

How do I find a grave at a cemetery?

One of the most direct ways to find a grave, if the cemetery has a business office, is to go and talk with the staff. Alternatively, contacting the local city hall can help to locate graves in nearby cemeteries. Some rural town might not have a business office at smaller cemeteries.

How do I find out what Cemetery someone is buried in?

A2A. If you are a relative, you can contact the cemetery's business office and ask for the location of the individual grave. They may request that you come in and they'll give you a map of the cemetery with your loved one's "spot" marked off. If you are out of the area, they may be willing to fax or mail that information to you.

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