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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a grave at a cemetery?

One of the most direct ways to find a grave, if the cemetery has a business office, is to go and talk with the staff. Alternatively, contacting the local city hall can help to locate graves in nearby cemeteries. Some rural town might not have a business office at smaller cemeteries.

Where can I find a grave site?

How to Find a Grave Site on "Find A Grave". Enter the name of the nearest town or city if the name of the cemetery is not known. Many cemeteries are named after their location or the name is included somewhere in the official name. Alternately, the name of the road the cemetery is located on can be tried in the search.

Where are graves located?

Graves (wine region) Graves ( French: [ɡʁav], gravelly land) is an important subregion of the Bordeaux wine region. Graves is situated on the left bank of the Garonne River, in the upstream part of the region, southeast of the city Bordeaux and stretches over 50 kilometres (31 mi).

How to cite a find a grave headstone?

If you went to the cemetery and took photos of a gravestone, then cite the cemetery and credit yourself with the photo. If you use Find A Grave, then cite the Find A Grave website as the source. I include the cemetery name, the town/city name and state, the name of the deceased, and the memorial number.

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