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Frequently Asked Questions

What is finale music?

Sheet music icon. Finale offers you the freedom both of what you create and how you create it. Whether you’re imagining a simple lead sheet, a Broadway score, or something truly unorthodox, you enjoy the flexibility to make your music any way you wish, and to make it in the order and manner that best supports your inspiration.

Why choose Finale software?

We’re committed to creating software that adapts to your needs. Finale is the only music notation software that gives you the tools to create flexibly, intelligently, and efficiently, without losing functionality. The world’s foremost musicians rely on Finale to look their very best.

What is the oldest version of finale?

In 1988, Phil Farrand developed Finale Version 1.0 for Coda Music Software. Other versions appeared, and after version 3.7, Finale 97 was launched. Marketers of Finale decided to go with the year of the version instead. As technology advanced, new features were added to Finale, and it remains one of the top music notation programs on the market.

Where is SmartMusic finale located?

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