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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for a business entity in Oregon?

To search for a business entity (Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership) in Oregon, you must go to the Secretary of State’s Website. You will have the option to preform a lookup by Name, Registry Number, or by an Individual associated with the corporation.

Can you register a business name that is already taken?

Most states don’t allow you to register a name that’s already been registered by someone else, and some states require your entity name to reflect the kind of business it represents. In most cases, your entity name registration protects your business and prevents anyone else in the state from operating under the same entity name.

How do I find the registered agent of a business?

Use quick search and enter a Business Name or Business Registry Number to search. Search other government databases for information by business name. Search the Department of Justice business complaints database. The registered agent is the business' agent for service of process.

What is an entity name and do I need one?

An entity name can protect the name of your business at a state level. Depending on your business structure and location, the state may require you to register a legal entity name. Your entity name is how the state identifies your business.

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