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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t file an Oregon Annual Report?

Late Fees: If you fail to file an Oregon Annual Report, you will have a 45-day grace period before your business is considered “inactive.” In addition, your company may be administratively dissolved or revoked of its rights to conduct business within Oregon state.

What is the annual report and how do I renew?

The annual report is a yearl​y opportunity for businesses to update their registration with the Corporation Division (assumed business names update every two years). Renew your business and file an annu​al report at the same time. Renew online​​​.

What is an Oregon Business of record entity?

If the entity is from another state or country, this does not have to be an Oregon address. The person or entity authorized to accept legal service of process for the business. This may be an individual or a Business of Record entity. Business of Record entity means it is an entity on file with the Oregon Corporation Division.

How do I generate an annual report?

If you don't know your registry number, Select Find Registry Number​ to search by the business name. Once you have entered your registry number and selected the Renew button, select the link that states Click here to generate and print an annual report. Print the form and send it with the payment to the address listed at the top of the form.

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