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Frequently Asked Questions

Does fidelity have checking accounts?

Strictly speaking, Fidelity doesn't offer a checking account. However, you can add checkwriting as a feature to a number of different types of Fidelity accounts. If you don't intend to use any of Fidelity's investment services, the Fidelity Cash Management Account, with added checkwriting, may serve your purposes best.

What is Fidelity Bank Account Number?

Fidelity bank routing number is a nine digit number used to identify bank transfers. Routing numbers will be different based on the account branch. It is based on the bank account origin by state and region.

Where is Fidelity Bank?

First Fidelity Bank is a retail bank headquartered in Oklahoma City, which operates in Oklahoma and Arizona. It is a subsidiary of First Fidelity Bankcorp, which was founded in 1982. The bank offers checking, deposits, loans, mortgages, insurance, investments and pensions, and as of 2014, it has 30 branch locations.

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