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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Japan have a low birth rate?

Why Is Japan's Birth Rate Decreasing? 1. Japanese Work Culture. Consider these factors. One, the Japanese population is becoming older and less productive. Two, Japanese people, especially men, feel a lot of pressure to make enough money to care for all their family members, both younger and older.

What is the average fertility rate in Japan?

The fertility rate is the average number of children born by one woman while being of child-bearing age. In 2019, the fertility rate among Japan's population was 1.36 children per woman. Read more

How is Japan handling the drop in fertility?

Shinzo Abe’s government has begun working on the issue in recent years, promising to raise the fertility rate to 1.8 by 2025. They have also taken steps to make it easier for people to raise children by providing free education, expanding nursery care, and allowing fathers to take paternity leave.

What is the poverty rate Japan?

Poverty rate Japan 1991-2018. Published by Statista Research Department , May 10, 2021. In 2018, the poverty rate in Japan was 15.4 percent. While figures have been increasing up until 2012 ...

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