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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Fender guitars?

Wildwood Guitars is proud to represent Fender USA here, in our online store, with a vast inventory, including numerous special run selections. We invite you to browse an American classic and see why such icons as the Stratocaster and Telecaster have become the go to standard for musicians all over the world.

What is a Fender Custom Shop?

For many musicians, the name Fender defines guitars. And the Fender Custom Shop takes these legendary instruments to a new level of craftsmanship. As a Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealer, Wildwood Guitars boasts the world’s largest inventory of these handcrafted masterpieces.

Is Wildwood a Fender dealer?

Please try again later. Wildwood Guitars is proud to be recognized as a Fender USA dealer and online partner. Fender is certainly one of the most recognizable names in the industry, with classic instruments that have defined generations and inspired millions.

What are the best Fender instruments?

The all new Fender American Professional Series, along with the Elites, Vintage, Select and Artist lines, are some of the most affordable USA production model instruments available, with a wide range of options for discerning players and collectors alike.

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