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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some famous tap dancers?

Other Famous Tap Dancers Maceo Anderson Doris Day George Murphy Hermes Pan Sammy Davis Jr. Jane Powell Condos Brothers

What is the history of tap dancing?

Tap dancing came to the stage in the middle of 19th century through vaudeville shows where white men would blacken their faces, and perform on their interpreted versions of African-American dance form. Since then, tap dancing has evolved and has had many legends associated with it. Below are some of the most famous tap dancers of all time.

Who is the Best Female Dancer of all time?

Hollywood Best Female Dancers. 1 1. Ginger Rogers. Actress | Kitty Foyle. Ginger Rogers was born Virginia Katherine McMath in Independence, Missouri on July 16, 1911. Her mother, ... 2 2. Audrey Hepburn. 3 3. Cynthia Rhodes. 4 4. Rita Hayworth. 5 5. Leslie Caron. More items

What is Gotta Dance?

Gotta Dance! Great Male Dancers of Hollywood This board showcases the best male dancers of Hollywood's movie musical era. Get your dance on and enjoy! :) Gotta Dance!

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