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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average Fellowship salary?

How much does a Fellowship in United States make? The average salary for a Fellowship is $51,665 per year in United States. Salaries estimates are based on 21 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Fellowship employees in United States.

What does it mean to be fellowship trained?

“Fellowship Trained” indicates the physician or surgeon has shown the highest level of dedication to their field and achieved the highest level of training. For example, an orthopedic physician may finish a fellowship training program in hip and knee surgeries to become an expert.

Do doctors get paid during residency?

Unlike medical school where the student is paying a tuition for the education, the resident physicians are paid a salary. They are providing valuable work for the hospitals and clinics as they are taking care of patients and providing coverage day and night, weekends and holidays.

How long are Medical Fellowships?

The shortest residency training programs are three years and therefore the longest is seven. After residency training, some individuals pursue fellowship training which might aim length from one to 3 years, on average.

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