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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it 'feasible' or is it 'doable'?

Doable is a synonym of feasible. As adjectives the difference between doable and feasible is that doable is possible to do; feasible while feasible is that can be done (soplink ).

What is another word for feasible?

Another word for possible. possible. modif. conceivable, imaginable, thinkable, plausible, reasonable, probable, likely; see also likely 1. feasible, practicable, workable, viable, attainable, achievable, permissible, potential, within reach; see also likely 1. tolerable, expedient, desirable, welcome; see pleasant 2.

What is the meaning of feasible?

The definition of feasible is that something is possible, doable or likely. An example of feasible is getting the answer to an easy math problem.

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