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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FedEx have 24 hour customer service?

FedEx Customer Service Number. This number is opened for 24 hours, 7 days which means you can call any time to solve your query. For any sort of inquiry related to services or any other issue, you can simply dial these Fedex Domestic or International Numbers. In case the FedEx Customer Care Number (s) are inaccessible, you can call 022 25714444.

Is FedEx better than ups?

Using UPS Or FedEx Correctly. Normally USPS has better rates than FedEx and UPS, but sometimes these two services are the better choice. If you ship heavy items, those weighing over 70 pounds, FedEx and UPS economy rates are cheaper.

Is FedEx faster than ups?

For short distances, both FedEx and UPS can ship a 5-lb. ground package faster than USPS, and the delivery days are guaranteed. Another benefit to UPS and FedEx is that they can ship packages that weigh up to 150-lbs. The weight limit for USPS is 70-lbs. These are the exceptions, however.

Is FedEx better or UPS?

The reason the market has given UPS a valuation so much higher than FedEx's comes down to the fact that UPS is better at generating profits from its revenue. Even more importantly, UPS is much better at generating free cash flow from its earnings.

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