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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between viable and feasible?

‘Feasibility’ is the study of the profitability, strengths, and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture while ‘viability’ is the study of the existing or proposed business’s profitability. 2.

What does feasible stand for?

The context does indicate that the writer's intended meaning of the word feasible is: that is seen or can be seen; discernible to the eyes; that which the eyes can perceive. Feasible, Visible, Basis As a result, it is clear that the status quo of this site is not financially feasible for SRUC and its maintenance is stifling fresh investment in teaching and research in the south and west of Scotland."

Is it 'feasible' or is it 'doable'?

Feasible is a synonym for doable in reasonable topic. In some cases you can use "Feasible" instead an adjective "Doable", when it comes to topics like likely, possible, usable, realistic. popular alternative Feasible adjective – Capable of being done or carried out. Usage example: would it be feasible to build a cabin in so short a time?

What is the difference between "unfeasible" and "infeasible"?

unfeasible (comparative more unfeasible, superlative most unfeasible) Infeasible: not feasible. Usage notes. Usage varies between infeasible, unfeasible, and not feasible – all are synonymous, though usage varies. As of 2017, infeasible is somewhat more common, in both American and British usage. Derived terms. unfeasibility; unfeasibly; Translations References

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