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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fcst stand for?

Definition; FCST: Frontier of Computer Science and Technology: FCST: Forecast: FCST: Fuel Cell Surge Tank (various companies) FCST: First Colony Swim Team (Texas) FCST: Florida Center for Survivors of Torture (Miami Springs and Clearwater, FL) FCST: Federal Council for Science and Technology: FCST: Flow Cytofluorometric Susceptibility Test

Is a fuel cell included with the fcst?

A fuel cell is not included with the FCST. The fuel cell MUST use a 6x10, 24-bolt fill plate flange. The distance from the outer top face to the internal botton face must be at least 7.7" (196mm). The distance from the top of the fuel cell to the bottom of the lift pump filter (lowest point of the kit) is adjustable.

What fittings do I need for the fcst?

The FCST comes standard with 20-0435 which uses a common 8AN male outlet fitting for standard fuel filling. However, 20-0535 can be purchased separately with a 12AN male fitting for quick fill dry break systems that require a high-flow vent. WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED? A fuel cell is not included with the FCST.

What is ftfttx solution?

FTTX Solution is the ultimate aim of access networks. It provids high bandwidth for enduser. FCST has different solutions for high-rise office buildings (FTTB), multi-story residential communities (FTTC), and villa residences (FTTH).

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