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Frequently Asked Questions

Can current 8th grade students zoned to RPHS still attend RPHS?

Yes, current 8th grade students zoned to RPHS and attending the GT Academy will be eligible to attend RPHS, whether they live inside or outside the two-mile area. I currently do not reside in the RPHS attendance boundary. I am moving into the RPHS attendance boundary but will live outside of the two-mile area of RPHS.

Is there bus transportation to Ridge Point High School (RPHS)?

Due to continued growth in the area, effective June 30, 2020, and until further notice, Ridge Point High School (RPHS) is only accepting newly enrolled students who live within a two-mile driving distance of the school – and therefore would be ineligible for bus transportation to RPHS.

How do I Find my FBISD username and password?

When prompted to search for your school or organization you will type in "FBISD". If you need your Username/Password, have your parent/guardian on record log in to Family Access Portal with their credentials and click on the following link for the Instructions for Family Access–Student Password Information.

Who is eligible to attend RPHS?

An incoming 9th through 12th grade student who moves into the RPHS attendance boundary, resides inside the two mile walk area and enrolls after June 30, 2020, would attend RPHS.

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