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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main tourist attractions in Rome?

Colosseum - Rome's most famous tourist attraction. Castel Sant'Angelo - built as Hadrian's mausoleum, later a Papal fortress. Catacombs - underground burial complexes with early Christian frescoes and carvings. Rome Zoo, the Bioparco - Rome's zoo is in the Villa Borghese area and adds variety to a family holiday.

What are the best things to see in Rome?

Transport Yourself to Baroque Rome at Piazza Navona. One of the most popular public spaces in Rome, the magnificent, oval-shaped Piazza Navona is lined with restaurants, gelaterias, souvenir shops, and the Museo di Roma inside the Renaissance Palazzo Braschi. The city’s Baroque art is on full display here.

What are the most famous sites in Rome?

Located in the Quirinale district of Rome, the Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous sites in the city. It was constructed by order of Pope Clement XII between 1732 and 1762 on the ending point of the Roman aqueduct Aqua Virgo. The fountain is dedicated to a number of images involving Roman gods and oceanic symbols.

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