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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fahrenheit 132 a good place to eat?

Start your review of Fahrenheit 132. Only reason for 4 star is the price. Other than that it's a very nice place to eat and enjoy a relaxing dinner. Bar atmosphere is welcoming. I had the most incredible meal and experience at Fahrenheit 132 on Saturday for my birthday dinner.

Is there outdoor seating at Fahrenheit 132?

We are delighted to announce that both our indoor and outdoor seating is available. In addition, we have opened up The Garden at Fahrenheit 132 for additional seating on busy evenings. The Garden is also available for private events. Reservations are strongly encouraged for all areas of the restaurant.

What is Steakhouse Fredericksburg?

We are a cutting edge steakhouse focused on creating the best food for the most reasonable price. We are located in the heart of Historic Downtown Fredericksburg. Either quick dinners or celebrations, we are an excellent fit for all.

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