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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use FaceTime with strangers online on Android?

FaceTime strangers online – Video chat with strangers online FaceTime is a video chat app that was developed by Apple Inc. So, it is only supported on iOS phones and cannot be operated on Android phones. But everyone doesn’t use iOS, so it can be inconvenient sometimes.

Is FaceTime safe for kids?

FaceTime is secure and end-to-end encrypted to protect your data from any third party. But it can be a risk to use it. Hackers are so clever and they have a lot of methods and technology from where they can hack the FaceTime app. How to Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe Using FaceTime and iOS Device

How do I talk to strangers online?

You can talk to strangers online by simply pressing a button. Another aspect that makes us unique is the speed at which webcams load. On some chat sites, you often must wait a long time for each webcam to load. We don't make you wait, our webcams load instantly. Another cool feature is the country selector...

What are the negatives of FaceTime?

The first and most negative part of using the FaceTime app is related to addiction. The FaceTime group video call feature is even more contagious. Once 3-4 best friends arrive on a group video call, their conversation can last for unexpected hours.

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