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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the comfort ratings for duvets?

Adult comfort ratings against temperature. A few manufacturers have marketed combined duvet sets consisting of two duvets; one of approximately 4.5 tog and one of approximately 9.0 tog. These can be used individually as summer (4.5 tog) and spring/autumn (9.0 tog).

What is a tog rating?

Tog rating denotes the duvet filling's ability to trap air and therefore provide more warmth, which is something natural filled duvets are able to do with less materials than synthetic fibre duvets.

What is the difference between 'Tog' and 'winter' duvets?

Shops will mark their duvets with a ‘TOG’ number, but also may say ‘summer’ / ‘winter’ or ‘all seasons duvet’. Here we’ve tried to explain the difference between them. The TOG rating is a means of defining the warmth of the duvet, also known as “Thermal Resistance”.

What is a good duvet tog rating for kids?

Children between three and nine can comfortably sleep with a duvet tog rating between 4.5-9, while older kids can handle up to 10.5. Of course, duvet warmth isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing new bedding; you’ll also need to take the filling into account, depending on personal choice and circumstances such as allergies.

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