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Frequently Asked Questions

What is true about the expectancy theory?

Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory of motivation is a process theory of motivation. It says that an individual’s motivation is affected by their expectations about the future. Specifically, Vroom says that an individual’s motivation is affected by how much they value any reward associated with an action (Valence), how much they believe that by putting effort into something they will be able to generate good results (Expectancy) and how much they believe that generating good results will ...

How does expectancy theory explain motivation?

Expectancy Theory of Motivation is a theory of motivation in the workplace. It states that an individual within your team will be motivated when they believe they can hit their targets, they know they will be rewarded for hitting those targets, and they value the reward.

What is the definition of expectancy theory?

Expectancy Theory Definition. Expectancy theory describes the extent to which an individual is likely to pursue a certain course of action (motivational force), which is in turn a function of expectancy (a belief that increased effort will produce better performance), x instrumentality (a belief that better performance will lead to certain outcomes), x valence (a belief that the outcome will ...

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