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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ERG theory of motivation?

ERG Theory of Motivation: What is it? and How does it work? Clayton Alderfer’s ERG theory of motivation from 1969 converges Maslow’s five human needs into three categories: Existence, Relatedness, and Growth. Existence Needs: This need includes basic survival and physiological needs like air, water, clothing, safety, intimacy, and affection.

What is ergerg theory in psychology?

ERG Theory also shows that if the fulfillment of a higher-level need is subdued, there is an increase in desire for satisfying a lower-level need. According to Maslow, an individual remains at a particular need level until that need is satisfied.

What are the implications of the expectancy theory?

Implications of the Expectancy Theory The managers can correlate the preferred outcomes to the aimed performance levels. The managers must ensure that the employees can achieve the aimed performance levels. The deserving employees must be rewarded for their exceptional performance.

What is Alderfer’s ERG theory?

There are three relationships among the different categories in Alderfer’s ERG theory: This means to move into higher satisfaction needs after achieving one. For Maslow, satisfaction-progression played a very critical role.

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