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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some conductive materials?

The opposite of insulators are conductors. Examples of conductors include copper, aluminum, platinum, gold, silver, ionized water and trees. Conductive materials are compounds that are comprised of atoms with free electrons.

Which metal is the best conductor?

Most of the best conductors of electricity are metals. The best conductors are silver, gold and copper, while the worst are mercury and certain alloys of stainless steel.

What is the most electrically conductive material?

'Electrically Conductive' means the ability of any material or object to conduct electricity through it with offering least possible resistance to the flow of electrons. Silver is found to be the most conductive material of all.

What materials are conductors?

Examples of conductors include the human body, metals, aqueous solutions of salt, graphite, copper, silver and gold. Conductors are materials that can transfer heat and transmit electricity. Conductors have a high density, allowing particles to flow freely and collide.

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