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Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to do in Paris?

A new addition to Paris’ calendar of annual events, this festival offers blues and country performances, hot air balloon watching, raffles, and lots of food and goods vendors. Watch as more than 100 speed boats soar across Lake Crook at the annual Paris Powerboat Grand Prix.

What is there to do in Paris in October?

In addition to the hot rod show, enjoy games for both kids and adults, food, door prizes, and live entertainment at the Red River Fairgrounds. A Paris tradition for over a century, the fair brings livestock shows, a carnival midway, food, live stage entertainment, and exhibits to town in late September and early October.

What are the best events for cyclists in Texas?

One of the most popular events for cyclists in Texas, Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally offers routes 20, 35, 57, 68 and 80 miles on County Roads and a 21 mile route on our Trail. More than 1000 riders turn out for these rides each year.

What to do in Paris for mother's day?

Purchase your Mother’s Day gifts at the Paris Art Fair, with professional artists displaying their work, craft booths, entertainment, food, and kids’ activities at Kid’s Safe Saturday partnered with the Fair. Enjoy fun for the whole family while viewing jaw-dropping aerobatics from skilled pilots flying colorful planes.

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