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Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening in Paris in 2021?

On the other side of Paris, the festival Solidays (cancelled in 2021, see you in 2022) is slated to be back at the Longchamp racecourse. As well as featuring concerts, food trucks and many special events, the festival has been raising awareness about the fight against AIDS for more than 20 years.

What to do in Versailles in 2022?

The second most popular run (after the Paris Marathon), the Semi attracts 37K runners. Rescheduled from March for 2022. → Information … Cycle through English villages, rural France to the final destination, the Eiffel Tower! The 2022 event has been cancelled but we look forward to the next ride in 2022. → Information … Best of Versailles.

When will daddadju perform in Paris in 2022?

Dadju, for his part, will take over the Parc des Princes for an exceptional concert on Saturday 18 June 2022. In another style, the Seine Musicale is set to welcome the singer Björk on Tuesday 21 and Friday 24 June 2022. The unmissable highly popular Fête de la Musique event takes place every year on 21 June!

What to do in Paris in February 2020?

February to March 2020 → Information… CARNAVAL DE PARIS Join the parade at Place Gambetta at 2 PM and party your way towards Place de la Republic. February 23, 2020 → Information… SALON AGRICULTURE – PARIS AGRICULTURAL SHOW It's one of the biggest farm shows in France, dedicated to animal husbandry and plant care.

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