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Frequently Asked Questions

Who represented Russia in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest?

Serebro represented Russia in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Song # 1'. Russia came in 3rd position in the grand final.

Who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2015?

The winner was Serbia, appearing as an independent country for the first time. After Lordi scored the first ever Eurovision victory with a hard rock song, several countries sent rock songs to the Contest rather than the soft pop and schlager styles more closely associated with Eurovision.

How many times has Russia won Eurovision?

Russia was the most successful country in Eurovision in 2000-2009, with one win, two second places, and two third places. However, in 2010 they finished 11th, and in 2011 they were 16th, which was the worst place for Russia since 1995.

Why is 1996 not on Russia's Eurovision entry list?

The official Eurovision site does not count 1996 in Russia's total list of appearances. ^ a b c If a country had won the previous year, they did not have to compete in Semi-finals.

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