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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Euratlas periodis web?

Euratlas Periodis Web shows the history of Europe through a sequence of 21 maps depicting the political situation at the end of each century. Here, on the left, are 21 mini-maps giving access to 21 full maps and to 84 quarters of maps with more detailed views of the polities and main cities.

What is eteuratlas?

Euratlas is a website dedicated mainly to the historical geography of Europe but it offers also a world atlas and a wide collection of pictures in order to give a comprehensive view of history and geography.

What to do with Euratlas periodis expert?

Detailed maps, created with Euratlas Periodis Expert, showing the history of the Aegean area. Fly over a detailed map of Europe in the year 1200 and explore every polity. A short video presenting the history of Europe: a map at the exact end of each century, from 1 to 2000.

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