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Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Trade?

E-Trade is an online discount stock broker, allowing its customers to trade equities including stock, bonds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) online and over the phone. E-Trade also offers banking services such as checking and savings accounts as well as credit cards. I have a problem with E-Trade E-Trade outages reported in the last 24 hours

How do I open an E*Trade account?

 How do I open an account? 1 Download an application and then print it out. 2 Complete and sign the application. 3 Send the application with a check made payable to E*TRADE Securities or E*TRADE Bank (depending on the type of account you're opening) to the appropriate address.

What are the benefits of an E*Trade bank account?

Learn more about E*TRADE bank accounts. Investing and savings in one place. Pay no monthly fees and no minimum opening deposit to get started. 5 Free Transfer Money service, online bill pay, and unlimited ATM fee refunds nationwide. Free initial checks, online bill pay, and ATM/debit card.

Do I need a lifetime account with E*Trade?

Lifelong dreams don't need to take a lifetime with E*TRADE. Get into the markets with an E*TRADE brokerage account. E*TRADE’s easy-to-use tools help you get started on your retirement journey. Focus on your future, not on fees.

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