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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an approximate estimate?

An estimate is an approximate calculation or evaluation, and an estimation is the process of approximately calculating or evaluating. So an estimate is the result of estimation.

What is the definition of estimated?

The definition of an estimate is an opinion or a guess of the size, worth or cost of something. An example of an estimate is a list of times and charges that it may cost to complete a construction job. To estimate is defined as to form an opinion or to guess something’s size, cost or value.

What is estimated value?

Estimated Recovery Value (ERV) What is 'Estimated Recovery Value (ERV)'. Estimated recovery value (ERV) is the projected value of an asset that can be recovered in the event of liquidation or winding down. The estimated recovery value (ERV) is calculated as the recovery rate times the book value of the asset.

What is the synonym for estimated?

estimate(noun) Synonyms: estimation, appraise, guess. estimate(noun) To calculate roughly, often from imperfect data. Synonyms: estimation, appraise, guess. estimate(noun) A document (or verbal notification) specifying how much a job will probably cost.

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