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Frequently Asked Questions

Who won Last Night Football game?

Who won last night The Los Angeles Rams overcame the Arizona Cardinals in a big 30–23 win over “Monday Night Football”. This live blog follows coverage of The Athletic and all the activities surrounding tonight’s game.

Where is ESPN College GameDay this week?

ESPN College GameDay will be making the trip to East Rutherford this weekend for one of the best, most unique experiences in college football. College GameDay announced that it will be heading to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for the 122nd installment of the Army-Navy Game. The series between the two service academies dates back to 1890.

When is the next college football game?

DOWNFIELD: EA are in the process of making the next big college football game New reporting by Matt Brown of Extra Points is now pointing to a release date in July of 2023, and that's assuming there aren't any further delays through the next two years.

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