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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of Pittsburgh vs Clemson in Week 8?

The Week 8 college football schedule is light on big-time matchups, with no ranked teams playing each other. But that doesn't mean it's light on stakes. In a line virtually nobody saw coming in the preseason, No. 23 Pittsburgh is 3.5-point favorite against unranked Clemson, according to the Week 8 college football odds at Caesars Sportsbook.

What college football picks should the model recommend for Week 5?

Head here to see every pick. One of the top college football picks the model is recommending for Week 5: Florida covers (-7.5) in its trip to Kentucky on Saturday night. The Gators have covered the spread in both of their conference games so far this season and they have a chance to make it three in a row in this game.

Which college football games are close in Week 2?

Other games on the Week 2 college football odds board that are expected to be close include Mississippi State (-1) against NC State and Arizona (-2) against San Diego State. On the other end of the spectrum, Florida is -28.5 against South Florida and Boston College is -37.5 against Massachusetts .

What is the point spread in sports betting?

Point Spread: Also known as the line or spread, it is a number chosen by Las Vegas and overseas oddsmakers that will encourage an equal number of people to wager on the underdog as on the favorite. If fans believe that Team A is two touchdowns better than Team B, they may bet them as 14-point favorites.

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