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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Espanol capitalized in Spanish?

Yes, only proper names are capitalized...a general rule of thumb is to capitalize things on a map and names of people or pets. Therefore, languages and nationalities are not capitalized. No, the words español and inglés are not capitalized in Spanish.

How do you say to in Spanish?

There are a few ways to say "you" in Spanish. Informal: you = tú (a friend or someone younger then you) Formal: you = Usted (for example your boss) Plural informal: you (all) = Vosotros (a group of friends) this is only used in Spain. Plural formal: you (all) = Ustedes. Think I got em all now. Mar 3, 2010.

What does "de nada" mean in Spanish?

“De nada” is a phrase in Spanish meaning you're welcome, In Italian it is said “ di niente” or “prego” and it is the answer to “Grazie”. It doesn't mean anything in Italian. It's Spanish, and means the English You're welcome.

What does Dia mean in Spanish?

Name Dia generally means Divine, is of Spanish origin, Name Dia is a Feminine (or Girl) name. . Similar sounding names: Da, Dai, Daai, Dea, Dua, Dae, Dao, Dee, Di. Show more information for this name.

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