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Frequently Asked Questions

What is escape room competition?

Escape Room Competition: Two identical games that allow for groups to compete against each other in the same game at the same time in a true Escape Room Competition. Mobile Version of the game can be brought to any location, school, office, hotel, camp, restaurant and played with up to 30 guests in each game. (Not scary at all.) (Scary.

What is a live escape game?

A Live Escape Game is an interactive adventure experience. You and your team of between 2 and 18 people will be locked in a themed room. You’ll be surrounded in puzzles, clues, locks, codes & challenges that you will solve by working together as a team.

Where is Riddler's Funhouse escape room?

Riddler’s FunHouse Escape Rooms! 157A Main St Hackensack, NJ 07601. Phone: 1-844-ESCAPE-6. ESCAPE ROOM NJ present our newest and most innovative game ever. We are shattering the Escape Room mold by: Offering an option to bring Food & Beverage into the game which is over 2,000 sq feet and has a maximum of 30 guests.

Where is the Grand Theft Jersey City puzzle?

Came here with a group of 12 people to try out the "Grand Theft Jersey City" puzzle as a team building experience. This place is located in a busy spot in Downton Jersey City. It's hard to find parking, but there's a parking garage about a block and a half up the street to your left. The spot is pretty small, but it does the job.

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