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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EPA protect the environment?

EPA seeks to protect the environment for the benefit of Victorians now and in the future. This includes protecting human health and wellbeing, maintaining healthy ecological systems and protecting the value our natural environments provide for recreation. Together these support a livable and prosperous Victoria.

What are the responsibilities of the EPA?

EPA's Roles. The EPA's primary responsibilities are to develop and enforce environmental regulations such as the Clean Air Act, which must be obeyed by federal, state and local governments, as well as by private industry. The EPA helps to formulate environmental laws for passage by Congress and it has the power to issue sanctions and levy fines.

Why EPA was created?

AGENCY (EPA) The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created on December 2, 1970, by executive order of President Richard Nixon to "permit coordinated and effective government action on behalf of the environment.".

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