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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPA doing?

While some OEMs are shifting their focus to a zero-emissions future by ramping up the production of electric vehicles, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reinstated a waiver to California that allows the state to implement its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emission standards and zero-emission vehicle sales mandate for model years 2017-2025.

What is the EPA used for?

EPA uses 12-digit identification (ID) numbers to track used oil. Transporters hauling used oil must have a valid EPA ID number, and generators, collection centers, and aggregation points must use transporters with EPA ID numbers for shipping used oil off site.

How does EPA protect the environment?

EPA protects ecosystems by making sure that plants and animals have a clean and healthy place to live. What do you do to help protect plants and animals? Don’t litter. Pick up trash. Plant a tree to give birds and animals shelter. Learn about your local streams and forests. 5 Do you know that many plants and animals depend on each other in an

What are the EPA methods?

EPA Method 6010 Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry for determination of trace elements in solution. EPA method is a widely used performance-based guidance for analysis of 31 trace elements in ground water, soil, sediment, and solid waste. Overview of method, sample preparation, analysis, and results.

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