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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word entire?

Definition of entire. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : having no element or part left out : whole was alone the entire day. 2 : complete in degree : total their entire devotion to their family. 3 a : consisting of one piece. b : homogeneous, unmixed. c : intact strove to keep the collection entire. 4 : not castrated. 5 : having the margin continuous ...

Which is correct entire of or entirely?

“ Entire of ” is wrong, but “ the entirety of (the) ” is correct, although it’s wordy and over formal, so I don’t recommend it.

Is there a substitute for entire in a sentence?

The only places you wouldn't be able to substitute entire are in idioms as in "on the whole" or "taken as a whole" or "the whole nine yards" and so on. Also, only whole works in the following sentence.

What is the meaning of an entire leaf?

These include the botanical entire, meaning a leaf without an indented edge, or in farming parlance entire meaning uncastrated. In mathematics you could have a whole number, but not an entire one. But if you ignore these special meanings they are more or less interchangeable, except as pointed out by the other answerers.

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