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What happened in the 1960s in English football?

The 1960–61 season was the 81st season of competitive football in England. This season was a particularly historic one for domestic football in England, as Tottenham Hotspur became the first club in the twentieth century to "do the Double" by winning both the League and the FA Cup competitions in the same season.

Who won the League Cup in 1960?

Although Aston Villa are credited as the League Cup Winners in 1960–61, both legs of the Final were held over until after the commencement of the 1961–62 season due to fixture congestion. Villa finally lifted the trophy on 5 September 1961.

When was the 62nd season of the Football League?

The 1960 – 61 season was the 62nd completed season of The Football League . The tables below are reproduced here in the exact form that they can be found at The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation website and in Rothmans Book of Football League Records 1888–89 to 1978–79, with home and away statistics separated.

What year did Liverpool win the Premier League?

Premier League » Champions Year Winner 1990 Liverpool FC 1989 Arsenal FC 1988 Liverpool FC 1987 Everton FC 68 more rows ...

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