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Frequently Asked Questions

What brought the Civil War to an end?

With Lee’s surrender, the war effectively came to an end. On April 9, 1865, a lone Confederate horseman violently waving a white towel (above) as a flag of truce galloped up to the men of the 118th Pennsylvania Infantry near Appomattox Court House and asked for directions to the headquarters of Major General Philip Sheridan.

What did the Civil War ultimately resulted in?

Ultimately, the Civil War resulted in... the end of the idea that social problems should be dealt with by the national government. the expansion of the agricultural sector of the U.S. economy. a shift from a federal to a confederal system of government. an increase in states' rights.

Was the Civil War a justified war?

War is rarely justified, but the American Civil War was one of the few wars that was. The Civil War happened as a result of a social and economic divide between the Northern and Southern United States. The Southern states relied on agriculture while the Northern states used manufacturing to sustain their economies.

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