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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HP Energy Star Software?

Here is the link to the HP Energy Star software... This package provides the ENERGY STAR Qualified Power Plan for supported notebook models running supported operating systems. ENERGY STAR is a program to promote superior energy efficiency.

Why buy hp energy-efficient products?

HP's ENERGY STAR® qualified products save you money by reducing energy costs and helps protect the environment without sacrificing features or performance. HP is proud to offer our customers products with the ENERGY STAR label. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy...

What does the energy star sticker on my HP PC mean?

The Energy Star sticker on your HP PC represents that the device is environmentally friendly in terms of energy consumption and emissions. It is aimed to reduce the carbon footprint that various devices leave with their high energy consumption and parallel emissions.

How to get energy star on Windows 10?

To get started, open the Settings app on your PC from the Start menu or use the Win+I keyboard shortcut. Then, click on the Apps tab on the left-side menu and then select Apps & features from the options. Find the Energy Star program in the list of Apps and click on the three-dot button beside it.

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