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Frequently Asked Questions

Do replacement windows save energy?

Yes, new windows can help you save money on your energy bill. As of 2009, Energy Star estimates that homeowners can save at least $27 a year by replacing windows.

How do energy efficient windows save energy?

Energy efficient windows help you save money by reducing hot and cold air loss, which reduces the burden on your heating and cooling systems. As a result, you spend less energy heating your home in the winter, dramatically cutting your yearly energy bill. Some energy efficient windows achieve this with quality glass and double glazing, while ...

What is the energy rating for Sears replacement windows?

New replacement windows from Sears can even help make your home more energy efficient by keeping heated air in and cold air out. Even better, all Sears home replacement windows are ENERGY STAR® rated. New double-pane windows can make your home even more energy efficient by keeping heated air inside and cold air out.

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