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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $119 million investment in grid scale energy storage?

With the $119 million investment in grid scale energy storage included in the President’s FY 2022 Budget Request for the Office of Electricity, we’ll work to develop and demonstrate new technologies, while addressing issues around planning, sizing, placement, valuation, and societal and environmental impacts.

Why is energy storage important?

By storing that excess power, we can ensure that our electricity grid can keep up with changing demand, whenever and wherever it arises—and that a cloudy day without much of a breeze doesn’t leave anyone’s home in the dark. Advancing energy storage is critical to our goals for the clean energy transition.

Is there enough storage for solar and wind energy?

Demand for power is constantly fluctuating. As a result, it’s not uncommon to have periods of time when conditions for solar and wind energy generation allow us to draw far more power from these natural sources than the grid demands in that moment. But with ample storage, we don’t have to let any of it go to waste.

What is DOE's energy storage Grand Challenge?

Through investments and ongoing initiatives like DOE’s Energy Storage Grand Challenge —which draws on the extensive research capabilities of the DOE National Laboratories, universities, and industry—we have made energy-storage technologies cheaper and more commercial-ready.

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