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Frequently Asked Questions

How to master Windows 8?

Take Windows 8 installation DVD and insert it in your computer’s optical driveNow, press F8 button during booting the computer to go into the Windows Recovery Menu. ...Next, click on Troubleshoot optionThen, in the consecutive screen just hit on Advanced options button to enter into Automatic Repair MenuHere use Bootrec.exe tool. ...More items...

How to install apps on Windows 8?

– Select the program that you want to install, and go to its page in the directory. – Scroll down the page to the bottom. Here, under the system requirements and supported languages, you will find the link “Download and install manually”. – Save the installation file of the necessary program in any convenient place on the hard disk.

Can I install Windows 8?

The very best way to install Windows 8 is with a method called a "clean install." With a clean install, you'll get that "new computer" feel with Windows 8, without all the junk software. If you're replacing a previous version of Windows, clean installing Windows 8 is most certainly what you want to do.

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