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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emotet and how to remove it?

Emotet is a dangerous banking Trojan that can steal sensitive data and initiate downloads of other malware. Besides tracking user data, malware is also capable of tampering with Windows system files, sometimes damaging them. To fix this damage, you can try using PC repair software

How do I Turn on the Emotet fake net feature?

It intercepts HTTP requests and returns a 404 error, forcing malware to reveal its command-and-control server links. To turn it on in "Advanced mode" of the "New task" window check the box next to the "Fake net" in the "Network" section. Emotet malware is one of the most sophisticated and destructive trojans.

What is the Emotet virus?

Emotet is an extremely sophisticated and destructive Trojan used to download and install other malware. First recorded in 2014 it was classified as a banking trojan, but Emotet has gained advanced capabilities over the course of its lifetime and evolved into an entire malware distribution service. So what makes the Emotet virus so dangerous?

What is Emotet and why is everyone talking about it?

First identified in 2014, Emotet continues to infect systems and hurt users to this day, which is why we’re still talking about it, unlike other trends from 2014 (Ice Bucket Challenge anyone?). Version one of Emotet was designed to steal bank account details by intercepting internet traffic.

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