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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time to make an elvenar spire tutorial video?

Alright, it is time to make an Elvenar Spire tutorial video Today we will be focusing on negotiation aspect in the Spire of Eternity, and we will see how the Spire can be completed with a relatively low-level city (chapter 4).

What happens at the end of each level of spire?

If you are brave, extraordinary rewards are waiting for you at the end of each level. Make sure to complete your Spire adventure before its gates close again on Friday to win all rewards! The Spire comprises 3 levels between the ground and the sky. Each level is divided into 4 sections delimited by Magic Barriers.

How do you get spirit essence in spire of Eternity?

Every Encounter you complete in the Spire of Eternity while being a member of a Fellowship will grant you Spirit Essence . You get 1 Spirit Essence for a normal encounter, 2 Essences for Spirit Guards and 3 Essences when you complete the Boss Encounter on each level of the Spire.

How does multiplayer work with the spire?

However, with the multiplayer feature, this had a major impact on the spire. Each map has a 4 sections and each section has 3 peasant encounters and a guard or boss (last one) encounter. Bonus chests. These have a random chance to appear (10 or 20%) and vary in value of rewards

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